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I am a Clinical Psychologist, founder of the Conscious Clinician Collective and host of the Radically Genuine Podcast.

The Radically Genuine Podcast has skyrocketed into the top 1% of global podcast downloads and has repeatedly charted on Apple's Mental Health and Health & Fitness categories. It now reaches listeners in over 150 countries worldwide.

Known for my critical analysis of conventional psychiatric practices and advocacy for evidence-based approaches, I've been mentioned on The Joe Rogan Experience and featured in prominent media outlets including Time Magazine, The Epoch Times, The Daily Mail, and One America News Network. I've also appeared on popular podcasts such as The Illusion of Consensus, Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey, and The Spillover with Alex Clark.

Radically Genuine: Radical Genuineness in therapy breaks from traditional "therapy speak" by emphasizing authentic interaction. While conventional approaches might maintain a detached, formal tone, radical genuineness encourages therapists to engage as real people. They speak naturally, share appropriate personal reactions, admit mistakes, and address difficult topics directly. This approach avoids clinical jargon, euphemisms, and overly cautious phrasing. Importantly, it rejects the notion that clients are too fragile to handle honest communication. Instead, it balances professionalism with genuine human interaction, treating clients as capable individuals who can engage with reality.

I've cultivated a provocative online presence and a Radically Genuine Substack that critically examines the forces shaping Western culture's decline, focusing on scientific, social, cultural, and political factors.

My work scrutinizes the commodification of mental health & well-being, harms of psychiatric diagnoses and medications, and shortcomings of standard mental healthcare.

What does it really mean to live well, especially in the face of adversity? I'm on a mission to uncover the raw, unfiltered truth about human resilience. While mainstream narratives push pills and quick fixes, I dig deeper, exposing the often-ignored strategies of true survivors.

My work isn't about feel-good platitudes – it's about unearthing the gritty, sometimes uncomfortable realities of how people actually overcome life's toughest challenges. I shine a light on the perspectives that the mental health industry doesn't want you to see, challenging the status quo and revealing paths to genuine healing that don't rely on a lifetime of medications or therapy.

My content blends scientific findings with traditional wisdom, challenging harmful cultural narratives that perpetuate illness and dependence on the medical authority. I aim to empower people with knowledge and alternative perspectives on mental health and well-being.

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I recently founded a non-profit organization named the Conscious Clinician Collective

Our bold mission is to cultivate a community where individuals and families engage with ethical mental health specialists and ALL healthcare professionals dedicated to upholding the principles of informed consent, medical freedom, and respect for personal autonomy. In the face of widespread ideological and industrial deception, we will provide access to a spectrum of science-based health information across disciplines, empowering people to make informed decisions about their mental health and overall well-being.

We need your support to build this platform! I know we can build a community of likeminded mental health and healthcare professionals who value informed consent, medical freedom and respect for personal autonomy.

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Radically Genuine exposes the ugly truth behind psychiatric diagnoses, medications, and therapies that create lifelong patients. If you're ready to question everything you thought you knew about living well, this is your starting point.


I am a Clinical Psychologist and host of the Radically Genuine Podcast