I agree with most of what you have written. However many children struggle in school for issues other than attention and need additional support or accommodations made for them ,for example DCD and needing to type. Those accommodations are only made for children who have been assessed and/or diagnosed with the condition. In turn the child gets the accommodation that they need. You are really obsessed with pushing your narrative on ADHD. You don't really have much to say about Autism or the experiences of Autistic people and how a diagnosis can change a person's life. While I agree with much of your points about mental health and the mental health industry, you are perpetuating an abelist narrative when you try to deny the existence of neurodivergant conditions . Its interesting that you don't mention the medicalisation of young people through gender affirming treatment ,yet you continually target ADHD . If you're so against the medicalisation of children and young people why not speak out against the medicalisation of young people with gender affirming treatment?

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